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Adding an Important Payment Method for the Netherlands!

We are excited to reveal the addition of an important local online payment method to our European portfolio. Through’s single integration, merchants are now able to accept payments from iDEAL.

iDEAL is the most recent addition to's European payments portfolio.

iDEAL, the most popular online payment solution in the Netherlands, enables customers to buy on the Internet using direct online transfers from their bank account.

iDEAL accounts for more than 60% of online e-commerce transactions in the Netherlands and approximately 18 Million iDEAL payments are made each month, with more than 750 million online payments processed to date. E-commerce merchants simply cannot succeed in the Netherlands without offering iDEAL as a payment option.

Furthermore iDEAL is increasingly being used for cross-border e-commmerce by Dutch consumers, something which Piet Mallekoote, CEO of the Dutch Payments Association highlighted in our recent press release: “Foreign web shops increasingly offer iDEAL as a payment option for Dutch consumers. Already 20% of all iDEAL payments are done at online stores outside the Netherlands.”

By adding iDEAL as a payment option, our merchants will gain access to an even larger part of the Dutch market. We are confident that this addition will help provide a significant lift in sales for merchants who have their sights on the Netherlands. As with the pricing for credit/debit card transactions, the pricing for our local payment methods is also very attractive.

If you want to learn more about local payments, you can find further information on the website in our Local Payments section.

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