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Expanding in China via Alipay Collaboration

I am happy to announce that Alipay, the leading third party online payment solution in China, is now available for merchants on our unified Checkout payment platform!Alipay is now available on's unified payments platformWe have been working hard over the last several months to establish new partnerships with major online payment providers in key regions around the world. China has been a market where we have put in extra time and effort.

The Chinese market, and in particular the e-commerce market, has quickly grown to be one the biggest in the world. If predictions hold true, by 2020 it could be larger than the US, Britain, Japan, Germany, and France combined. By that time the total market value of China is expected to reach US $650 billion.

In China, online third party payment solutions such as Alipay, are much more popular than traditional credit and debit card payments. Having more than 300 million registered users, Alipay currently reaches almost half of the lucrative and fast growing Chinese e-commerce market. With the addition of Alipay as one of our payment options in China, we make it easy for merchants to access and sell to Chinese consumers.

Paying with Alipay through Checkout’s gateway

Our integration with Alipay is designed to be simple and seamless. Below you can see an overview of the payment experience with Alipay:

In a few simple steps merchants can take payments from customers through Alipay

As with the pricing for credit and debit card transactions, the pricing for our alternative payment methods is also very attractive.

If you want to learn more about the different alternative online payment methods that we offer, you can find additional information on our website.

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