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Expanding Options for Merchants Selling in Europe!

The latest addition to our local payments portfolio is the Munich-based online payment method SOFORT Banking.

SOFORT, a popular European online banking solution, is already an important player in the European payment landscape. It covers 99.9% of banks within its supported geographies and accounts for 13% and 7% of e-commerce transactions in Germany and Austria respectively, and is continuing to grow. SOFORT is used by more than 30,000 e-commerce merchants to handle more than three million transactions each month.

Merchants who accept SOFORT will be able to take payments from 18 million customers in 13 countries including: Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Poland, Spain, the Czech Republic, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Hungary, Slovakia, and the United Kingdom.

As with the pricing for credit/debit card transactions, the pricing for our local payment methods is also very attractive.

How we integrate SOFORT

In just a few easy steps, customers are able to select and confirm their payment with SOFORT through Checkout’s integrated solution:

Customers will be able to finish their online payment in 5 easy steps with SOFORT.

Leading Industry Change with a Single Integration

Our focus on online payments has led to the creation of a unique solution that allows merchants to seamlessly connect all the payments they need to their website via one single integration, regardless of the solution type (for example, eWallets, mobile payments, online banking, prepaid cards or credit/debit cards).

If you want to learn more about local payments, you can find further information on the website in our Local Payments section.

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